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Dear Ladies and gentlemen!
Dear Colleagues!

For Your projects, our company is able to offer supplies from Russia various equipment, raw materials and components on the most favorable terms "door to door". Working with a large transport and logistics companies provides a shortening of supply, reduction of transport costs and the purity of the transaction. Given the depreciation of the ruble, the price of quality equipment and raw materials You will be pleasantly surprised and You will be able to reduce costs for the implementation of Your projects.

Our company specializes in:

1. Cable products, wire (over 40,000 brands and types)
2. Copper products and non-ferrous metals;
3. Electrical equipment and automation, high-voltage equipment and transformers;
4. Pumps and valves;
5. Chemical products (wide range);
6. Oils and greases;
7. Spare parts and accessories.

At Your request we will also be able to find and offer any other required equipment and raw materials from Russia.

All products have quality certificates, technical documents translated into English language, a set of necessary documentation for customs and accounting.

We speak English and You can send Your request by e-mail: info@capital-resource.ru or to call by phone: +7 (495) 969-91-50, +7 (495) 969-85-80

Our Customers in Europe, Asia, the CIS countries have already appreciated the advantages of working together with us and made sure the reliability and quality of supply, switched to cooperation on a permanent basis.

Russian quality at low prices here and now!

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